"We are the best at what we do. Our experience and years of service is a the ultimate testament to that."

How we do it?

Jersey Network Associates primary goal is to offer exceptional customer service based on trust, precision, utmost professionalism, and experienced expertise in the ever-changing computer field. Our Emphasis to deliver such a high quality of service begins by actively listening to the wants and needs of our clients, analyzing and developing a strategic plan for each individual client and promoting honesty and integrity as a way of doing business.

For the past ten years, we have succeeded by hiring, training, and grooming our employees to reach the highest level of a productive work environment. We will continue to maintain productivity by upholding our united work force and focusing on our clients needs and concerns

Our Certifications

  • Dentrix CIE
  • Easy Dental CIE
  • Dentrix Image CIE
  • A+ Certified
  • MCSE
  • Cisco Certified (CCNA)
  • Certified Novell Engineer (CNA)

Why we do it?


We know how hard it is to keep current technology operational and running smooth so it's our goal to make sure it does. You have enough to worry about in your day so why worry about your data? For over 20 years JNA 360 has made sure every customer is backed up and worry free.

"The technology installed by Jersey Network Associates has enabled us to provide the utmost quality of care to our patients. Our patient's continually remark on the state of art technology in our office and provides them with security that their dental needs are being met at the highest quality possible"

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